Vidhura’s Prayer a sincere sloka

“Anayasena Maranam
Vina dainyena Jeevanam;
Dehi me Krupaya Sambho
Raksha Raksha Maheshwara.”

Of the many slokas that my father recited as part of his daily routine, I noted that he had a distinct difficulty reciting this one. He would invariably slow down his pace, and his voice almost always would choke and it would take a couple of minutes for him to regain his composure. Being the little curious 8 year old girl that I was, I worked up enough courage to ask him why this sloka had this particular effect on him. He answered with a smile that I would understand it only when I get older.
Now I am 63 years of age, and I can honestly say that I am beginning to understand the profound meaning of this sloka. I truly am lucky to have had a father who inculcated into me such profound philosophies at a very tender age and encouraged me to understand its deep interpretations. What more can a mere mortal wish for than to lead an unorphaned life protected throughout by the Lord Almighty and conclude it with a peaceful death?


36 thoughts on “Vidhura’s Prayer a sincere sloka

  1. This is an excellent prayer to conclude daily prayer. I have been trying to find the source of this prayanks
    er. But I could not. Let me know if you come across the information.

    1. Thanks.
      My father used to chant this prayer daily. He told me that, Lord Yama said to a sage that this prayer was chanted by Vidhura. Some versions say, Vidhura prayed to Lord Krishna, thus:
      Anaayasena maranam; vinadhinyena jeevanam;
      Dehi me krupaya Krishna; raksha raksha Janardhana.

  2. thanks for this most useful slokha for peacefully departing from this mundane world.i would begin to chant it from today as my concluding prayer.thanks once again

  3. if I am not mistaken it is Drona Sthuthi

    “Anayasena maranam |
    Vina dainyena jivanam ||
    Dehi me krpaya krsna |
    Tvayi bhaktimacancalam.”||

    ( “An end that is peaceful and a life without hardships This is all I ask of you, Krishna and unswerving devotion for you.”)

    1. My paternal grand father was a great Sanskrit scholar. We had many palm leaves in our house, later my father gave them to a library. My father told me, this was from a samvadham between Lord Yama and a rishi, and that, Lord Yama told the rishi, Vidura prayed thus. My father lived his full age, Sadayus, and he recited this sloka till his last breath.

  4. Anayasena maranam
    Vina dainyena jeevanam
    Dehimey krupaya Shambho
    Twayi bhaktim achanchalam

    The meaning as heard by me refers to appeal to the Lord to give a peaceful death, a life without any trouble for the basic needs,and total Bhakti to Lord shiva.
    It has to be followed by the Mahamrutnjaya mantras also.
    It was told to a devotee by the late Mahaperiyava. (Shankaracharya )

  5. Anayasena maranam
    Vina dainyena jeevanam
    Dehimey krupaya Shambho
    Anthathah tawa sannidhao

    I found this from unknown text. Thank U

  6. This Sloka Listened By Brahmasri Chaganti Koteswara Sharma Guruvugari Pravachanam..Heartly Thanks to Pujya Guruvu garu..

  7. One of the most touching prayers. I actually know a quiet devotee who left the world like this! This is akin to Kunti’s prayer [Bhagavatam,I.8] where she prays to Krishna to give her more difficulties , if that would grant His darsanam!
    Thanks for this wonderful reminder.

  8. This is a wonderful prayer. I know a quiet devotee who actually left the world like this. This is akin to Kunti’s prayer [ Bhagavatam, I.8 ] where she prays to Lord Krishna to give her more difficulties, if that would grant His Darsanam. Thanks for this great post.

  9. Yes, my maternal grandfather used to recite this praarthana which my Mother used to also recite. And now in my turn I do too. Namaskaram and Dhanyavadah for quoting this beautiful praarthana! 🌺 🔔 May we all be blessed by Shiva!

  10. My mother died at the age of her 98 yrs used to recite the above sloka after her daily pooja .She left for her heavenly abode after
    her full meal and so also one of my elder sister in a similar way in her 83rd year. Very powerful mandra which they used to recite
    before Mahamrutnjaya mantra . Now I am also reciting after my daily prayer. May the ALMIGHTY BLESS all a peaceful exit from this
    material life

  11. No other source can give complete explanation of life and after life other than our philosophy. Blessed are those who could read and understand.

  12. Namaskarams to ALL!
    What really matters is our அடாமிக் sincerity.
    This PRAARTHANA is most beautiful and purifying.
    How does it matter who told whom!
    We have the “Jewel in our Maanaspataalam” and that means we have ईश्वरकृपा and ईश्वर अनुग्रहम. That is all that matters!
    Sarvau sukhino bhavantu! नमस्कारम !

  13. Life is crushed when you lose your father. Your mind stops working, your heart stops pumping. time stands still. Nothing moves. that’s how it becomes. My father passed away without having the slightest of health issues. He kept saying the same shloka

    Now having lost him, I am beginning to understand the profound meaning of this sloka. I am proud to say he is my hero in life. All my philosophies profound or not, were taught by him. So he is my guru as well.

    I miss you, father!

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